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SCRA Spotlight: Jaden Gonzalez

Don't let his confident smile and easy demeanor fool you - Jaden is a force to be reckoned with.

SCRA member, Jaden Gonzalez, has been creating a buzz with his recent achievements. Although he is in 7th grade at the Church of God Holiness Academy, this guy is killing the game.

On January 11, 2019, Jaden won his school's Spelling Bee where he competed against 2nd to 8th graders. As the champion, that meant he would be competing in the St. Croix District Spelling Bee, vying for the title of St. Croix district champion.

"When our students succeed, we all succeed."

On February 12, 2019, he placed third in the District Spelling Bee against 15 other schools on St. Croix. Because he placed in the top six, he will advance to the Territorial Spelling Bee, held on March 19, where he will have a chance to become the USVI 2019 Territorial Spelling Bee champion; even go to Nationals!

It's not over yet! On February 14, 2019, Jaden also competed in the 2019 Math Counts countdown competition where he won 3rd place out of the top eight Math Counts students. Not only that, he also won 6th place in the top ten for the individual competition. So the top ten students were chosen to represent St. Croix as the STX Math Counts team to compete against St. Thomas. Since Jaden made the top ten, he will be competing on the St. Croix district team, vying for the title of Math Counts 2019 Territorial champion. Let's not forget that he knows his way around a rocket as well; so much so that he is the vice captain of one of the rocketry teams competing in TARC. Jaden is definitely the cream of the crop and we, the SCRA team, are immensely proud of his recent awards and achievements. However, no one is more thrilled than his mother, Gregoreese Willock. "I am proud of all the achievements and awards that Jaden won this year for his school Spelling Bee, the 2019 District Spelling Bee, and 2019 District Math Counts," she said.

We all want to see our students succeed, and she also expressed the same for her son. "As a mother, you always want to see your child excel. However, Jaden who is highly driven and motivated, surpassed my expectations by far! Jaden has always been a child who aims high and aims for the best, so for him to have these honors under his belt makes all his hard work, time and effort worthwhile! I am extremely proud of him and even more honored to be his mother!" she stated. So, Jaden good luck as you move forward and keep on excelling. We at SCRA are rooting for you!