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This is SCRA - St. Croix Rocketry Association, Inc. 1...2...3...Rocketry!

Almost 20 years ago, it all started with a cardboard mailing tube, a sheet of plywood, a party hat and a dream.

St. Croix Rocketry Association, Inc. has been around for almost two decades, offering a variety of STEM, rocketry, and robotics opportunities for the youth of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Hundreds of students from every type of school have passed through the program all while it was evolving into what it is today: SCRA. The passionate team of adults that has worked behind the organization from since it began, is what made it the best STEM non-profit in the Caribbean. They've been serving the community of St. Croix by spreading the good news of STEM in every school and household while also, putting the island of St. Croix on the map with their countless achievements and success stories.

According to the president of SCRA, Steve Bullock, the program was meant to be an avenue or gateway for students to get involved in STEM fields and potentially develop an interest in it. "Not all students may want to be the next scientist or astronaut, but I wanted to at least give every child and every student a chance to see what else is out there waiting for them," Bullock said. Currently, the SCRA 2019 group consists of 12 talented and passionate students, both new and returning, from a wide range of schools. "They are such a joy to work with," says SCRA coach Shimeeka Stanley, who was actually a student in the program for six years (2011-2017) and later became a coach for the past two years. "If it wasn't for the Rocketry Club, now known as SCRA, I would have never known about everything the STEM field has to offer, and I know all of the students both past and present, definitely feel the same way," she said.

Stephanie Bullock, vice president of SCRA, also expressed such gratitude for programs heavily active in STEM. "I happened to be fortunate enough to be blessed with so many achievements and opportunities like gracing the halls of the White House and interning at NASA JPL, all because of my involvement in STEM through SCRA. So, I feel like it's only right for me to pass on the knowledge I've acquired to those coming after me. The legacy cannot end here," Bullock stated. As SCRA continues to grow, the team knows that with the support of the community, they will be able to continue training the young, brilliant minds of St. Croix to be the next Leland Melvin or Mae Jemison, or better yet the new trailblazers in the evolving world of STEM.

Collaboration between F'sted Church of the Nazarene VBSand the St. Croix Rocketry Association in 2017